Touché Music – the Swedish select and independent record company – chooses its artists with a finely tuned ear for talent and is always committed to producing jazz music of high quality, along with high quality sound.

We, that is, Laila and Charles Gavatin, have taken a great interest in jazz music since the ’50s. In the early ’80s we would listen to pianist Knud Jørgensen – a Dane by birth – and his companion, double bass player Bengt Hanson, as often as the chance occurred and our ordinary professions didn’t place any obstacles in the way. In March 1983 the duo – well known as Knud & Bengt – had many gigs at the restaurant Maxim in Stockholm. One night Laila said: “A pianist of world class is playing only for us – no one else seems to care. Why don’t we produce an album with this duo?” So we gathered information on how to proceed with the ‘project’, engaged an experienced technician, recorded for three nights, produced the LP ‘Knud & Bengt at Maxim’ and arranged for its release in 1983 on a well-known label in Stockholm.

Having released our first productions, we decided to have a company of our own to achieve better control of future productions. So in 1995 Touché Music was founded. The cooperation between Touché Music and the foundation implies that the foundation is a determining factor for the activities of Touché Music. This means not only to promote jazz music as such. It’s also about encouraging jazz musicians and jazz artists in their ambitions to continue performing their music and thus maintain and develop it further.

So far the listeners, including the reviewers, have received Touché Music’s productions very well:

“The small record company Touché Music don’t fire many shots, but their aim is good and when the shot comes it is often a direct bullseye.”

“Touché Music is a very interesting label for jazz music.”

“The small company Touché Music continues its high class productions and gives us emotionally-charged music to love.”

On our web site you will find detailed information about all our productions as well as biographies on most musicians that appear on the recordings.