Elise Einarsdotter – piano

Elise Einarsdotter (born in 1955 in Sweden) is a pianist and composer who has led her own group Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble (E.E.E.) since 1984. At the age of 18 she went to the USA to study and work in New York and at the Berklee College in Boston, where she studied

Jacob Fischer – guitar

Jacob was born in Copenhagen in 1967. When he started playing at the age of fourteen he had a teacher, but apart from that he is self-taught by listening to solos on records. At first Jimmy Hendrix was his starting point – a marvellous musician. Today Jacob doesn’t listen to Jimmy

Rebecka Gordon – vocal

Rebecka Gordon is a Swedish jazz vocalist who has recently rediscovered the wealth of Yiddish songs. This music seems well matched to the warm modulation of her voice. Being a jazz singer it was natural for her to sing the classic Yiddish melodies in a jazz setting. The pathos expressed in

Staffan Hallgren – flute

Staffan Hallgren played jazz on the flute since the middle of the ’50s and performed with such musicians as Eje Thulin, Bernt Rosengren and Christer Boustedt. He later chose a career as an officer in the Swedish navy, although this did not mean having to give up his flute playing. Eventually

Bengt Hanson – bass

Bengt Hanson was born in 1944 in Stockholm, son of a bass player. He started off playing guitar but, at the age of 15, changed to his father’s instrument. From his teens and until well into the 1970s he played with the Swedish Jazz Band, or the East End Jazzmen as

Philip Harper – trumpet

Bass player Mads Vinding is most well known for his involvement in jazz but his musical palette stretches over a very wide range. For example, he plays together with singer Eva Madsen, and in the duo “Back to Bach” he joins with Poul Rosenbaum in exploring the musical treasure chest of

Claes von Heijne – piano

Claes von Heijne was born in 1957. Both his parents play piano and organ and already as a child Claes showed an interest for jazz, being influenced by recordings of Jan Johansson, Errol Garner, Count Basie and Louis Armstrong. At the age of six he began studying classical piano with Irene

Gilbert Holmström – tenor saxophone

Gilbert Holmström was born in Gothenburg in 1937. The Holmströms were a particularly musical family. Gilbert’s father played violin and piano and his mother also played the piano in the style of Teddy Wilson and sang. They had returned to Sweden in 1929 after a six-year tenure in California and with

Kjell Jansson – bass

For a couple of decades now Kjell Jansson has been providing jazz groups, above all those in Gothenburg, with swinging, driving, steady and, not least, imaginative bass playing. He has been the rhythmic and harmonic cornerstone in such groups as Mount Everest, Opposite Corner and the Åke Johansson Trio. Not least

Åke Johansson – piano

Åke Johansson (1937-2011) was one of Sweden’s most influential musicians in the bebop tradition. In 1944 he came to a school for the blind in Stockholm. There he was educated in music and later on took his examination as a piano-tuner. He intended to be an organ player, but in autumn