Ulf Adåker – trumpet

Trumpeter, composer, arranger, writer and educator Ulf Adåker, born in 1945 in Stockholm, has been active on the Swedish jazz scene for over 30 years. As leader of the fusion group Egba, established in 1971, he has played at most of the Scandinavian jazz clubs and festivals as well as touring

Filip Augustson – bass

Filip Augustson was born in 1973 near Jönköping. From 1989 until 1991 he attended the music high school in Jönköping and from there he moved to Stockholm where he continued his studies at the Royal College of Music until 1996. While there he began to work as a freelance bassist playing

Hans Backenroth – bass

Hans is one of the most frequently heard double-bass players in Sweden. He was born in the town of Karlstad, Sweden in 1966. Even though he is relatively young he is one of the veterans of the instrument. At the age of eight he started playing the classical guitar but when

Agneta Baumann – vocal

Up until the middle of the 60’s Agneta Baumann (1944-2011) had become established not purely as a jazz singer but more as a jazz-influenced artist-entertainer had in the glamorous environment of late-night dinner/dance restaurants. She was born in the town of Kalmar in southeastern Sweden where as a youngster she sang

Facundo Bergalli – guitar

Facundo, the son of trumpeter Gustavo Bergalli, was born in Buenos Aires in 1969. Facundo has built a considerable reputation for himself in Argentina as an amazingly flexible and all-round musician of elegance, technique and originality. His talents although channelled principally into jazz music, also cover the tango music of his

Gustavo Bergalli – trumpet

Gustavo Bergalli was born in 1940 in Buenos Aires. At the age of twelve he began his studies on trumpet and as a teenager he started off with Louis Armstrong as his guiding star in twenties-inspired groups with names such as the Royal Garden Jazz Band and the Dixieland Smugglers. Gradually

Bosse Broberg – trumpet

“Being a jazz musician you are unavoidably a kind of imitator”, says Bosse, “but that’s nothing to be ashamed of because it’s a tradition based on playing by ear”. I see myself as an interpreter, a vehicle for a tradition and Miles Davis has always been my model; his playing has

Palle Danielsson – bass

Double-bass player Palle Danielsson was born in 1946 and grew up in Stockholm. In a 1951 jazz magazine you could read: “The name of the youngest dance musician in Sweden is Paul Danielsson, five years old, who plays the mouth-organ and the swanee whistle. He knows ‘Mocking Bird Hill’ almost by

Sebastién Dubé – bass

Double-bass player Sebastién Dubé was born in the Quebec province of Canada and has lived in Sweden for many years. He has his background in classical music and has played with several well-established orchestras in Canada, USA and the Nordic countries. His interests also lie in jazz and beat music as