Rafael Sida – drums

Percussionist Rafael Sida was born in Mexico but Sweden has been his home for the last twenty-five years and he has collaborated with such groups as Hot Salsa, Makonde, Amadu Jarr¹s Highlife orchestra and Erik Steen’s Flamenco Fusion.

He is a musician with a passion for all he does providing soul and groove to his musical environments whether they be salsa, flamenco or different kinds of African music. He is a also a much-appreciated teacher and through his wide experience has modelled his own drum set which is a combination of a conventional jazz kit and a collection of ethno percussion instruments. His favourite among masters of the art is the late Sabu Martinez.

Because of his prowess as a percussionist as well as his personal charm Rafael is a great favourite among his colleagues. On the CD “Jonas Knutsson Quartet” (TMcCD 018) he demonstrates his abilities using sticks, brushes and hands.

In 2004 Rafael Sida received a scholarship from Laila and Charles Gavatin’s Foundation for Jazz Music.

Charles Gavatin
Translation: Dave Castle

Photo: Charles Gavatin ©

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